2020 Vaqueras Whiskey Barrel Washington Dessert Wine (500ml)
2020 Vaqueras Whiskey Barrel Washington Dessert Wine (500ml)

2020 Vaqueras Whiskey Barrel Washington Dessert Wine (500ml)

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2020 VAQUERAS Whiskey Barrel Washington Dessert Wine

Double casked in French Oak and Rye-Whiskey barrels
18.0% Alc. by volume
100% Cabernet Sauvignon Ruby Port-style wine
Quintessence Vineyard
AVA:  Red Mountain, WA

Name OriginVaqueras - Spanish; noun: Cowgirls.  

The story goes that one of Pam's and Julie's favorite pictures is of them riding two brand-new Adrice Wines branded wine barrels - just like they were buckin' broncos.  It totally makes sense to use a caricature of that same picture, as two crazy cowgirls ride their rye-whiskey barrels off into the sunset!

Yee-Haw!  Adrice Wines’ cowgirls (Julie & Pam) (VAQUERAS in Spanish) welcome you to our second vintage of double-casked, Rye Whiskey barrel Dessert Wine (we can’t legally call it a Port ‘cuz Ports are only made in Portugal).  Winemaker Pam doesn’t make many sweet wines…but our Vaqueras wrangles in all the best qualities of a Ruby 100% Cab Sauv after dinner wine – the depth that only French Oak barrels impart on wine, and the barrel-racing qualities of a Rye Whiskey barrel. 

She tastes like she smells.  Take a small whiff as you greet her, and immediately pick up sweet whiskey notes from the barrel.  Readjust in the saddle.  Sniff again – and as you go deeper, find salted caramel, butterscotch, warm spiced vanilla, coffee, pecan, and ripe, red dark fruit.  Again – what you smell is what you taste! 

There seriously isn’t ANYTHING out there by ANY other winery like VAQUERAS!  Delight friends and family with this surprising and one-of-a-kind after dinner wine – or enjoy it fireside next to your cowboy or cowgirl (….or your horse….or your cows…or heck, anybody!)  Tighten up your spurs baby – you’re going to need them to ride these barrels!  This cowgirl will age for at least 8-12 years…if you can wait that long!!!

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