About Adrice Wines

The small craft winery of Adrice Wines started in 2012 in Napa, CA when winemaker Pamela Adkins produced our first Rosé the Riveter Rosé with Napa Sangiovese grapes. We made only 19 cases…and didn’t even label the bottles except for handwriting “Adrice Wines” on each bottle along with a signature of the winemaker!


What is “Adrice Wines” and how do you pronounce it?  

Adrice Wines is a “Portmanteau” (a smash-up of 2 words to make a new word).  It’s a smash-up of winemaker Pam’s last name – Adkins….and co-owner Julie’s last name – Bulrice – or “Adrice”.  We added in our tag line...  “What’s at your address?”...  so that people would get that you pronounce “Adrice” similar to “Address”. 

Where did you come up with that groovy lady wine glass logo? 

Pam’s good friend Richard Childers, a renaissance man and graphic artist in California, helped us with some of our original labels – and he designed our now-famous lady wine glass logo.  Customers LOVE it – and one of the walls in our tasting room is adorned with a life-sized lady wine glass logo to take pictures next to!

The rest of our story

A lot of folks ask us where our winery was in Napa…and the truth is…we didn’t really even have one (nor a tasting room to sell our wines).  Back then, Pam was working for a Wine Blending and Bottling facility in Napa that was also licensed as a winery.  When the owner asked in a staff meeting who wanted to make wine on site to keep them “legal”…Pam immediately raised her hand – and the rest is history!  She proceeded to squirrel away to make our 2012, ’13, ’14 and some of our 2015 vintages there.  It was only in 2015 when we moved up to Seattle, WA because of Julie’s corporate day-job…that we both realized the breadth of Pam’s “secret squirrel winemaking”.  Imagine trying to load 300 cases of Adrice Wines – and 19 full Barrels of wine on to the moving van.  It was at THAT moment, that Julie realized that Pam’s passion for winemaking was indeed here to stay – and that we needed to reestablish our business in Washington (yes – we dissolved our California business license in 2015 and now only source and make Washington wines).  But oh what fun it’s been to tell our story in the new tasting room – and explain to customers that only at Adrice Wines can people taste what Pam’s magic winemaking skills can do to both California and Washington grapes!  We’re mostly sold out of our California wine these days…but every once in a while we open up a library wine on a weekend and pour it – or one of our Wine Club members brings in a 2013 winner, asks for a decanter, and pours around! 
More current history is that we moved to the Seattle area in 2015 and Pam immediately headed up to the Woodinville Winery District to start to build relationships and look for a winery/tasting room space.  Before long, she’s connecting with some of Washington’s AWESOME winemakers…and within two months, Pam had already made a couple of Barrels of Washington Red (by the way…another award-winning wine!)  On June 4, 2016 – Adrice Wines officially opened our first winery and tasting room in a shared space in the Woodinville Winery District.  Our cedar plank tasting bar (still a mainstay in our new/larger tasting room and winery in Artisan Hill) served our first four varietals from California:  our GOLD medal winning 2013 Sonoma Syrah, a 2014 Napa Rosé, a Red Blend, and a crowd-pleasing Montepulciano.  Within only 10 short months – our winery and sales started outgrowing our small shared space….and we moved to our current location in Woodinville’s Artisan Hill.  We opened our OWN winery and tasting room space on April 1, 2017 (no fooling!)
Since then, our small craft winery has been growing by leaps and bounds!  Guests visit us regularly and our Wine Club memberships have pushed us to “grow up” and now build out this new e-commerce website, and implement a new POS system in the tasting room!  But even with all the new technologies and social media plans….Adrice Wines still feels (and is) a small craft winery – where customers get individualized attention from the owners, and Pam labors to make high-quality, distinctive wines that our customers will enjoy and share with their loved ones.
Adrice Wines…it’s what we hope is at YOUR address!