Our Team

Meet our Winemaker Pamela Adkins:

“Passionate Renaissance Woman” would best describe Pam and her love of good friends, wine and warm gatherings that celebrate life and good works. Literally – want anything done? Pam’s your gal! Before getting into the wine business 18 years ago…Pam dabbled in several different career areas from teaching to managing health clinics…but is clear that her head, heart and hands are at their best when making Adrice Wines. A Syrah woman through and through…Pam loves to experiment in her winemaking practices which she learned over the years from top West coast winemakers from California, Oregon and Washington. Preferring to let the grape stand on its own and speak for itself, Pam more often than not produces luscious, single-varietal wines…and her winemaking practices bring out the true character of the grape. Pam brings her experience and intuition to the winemaking process – crafting wines with patience and passion. Since her first vintage in 2012, Pam has been refining her skills and is humbled to already be an award-winning winemaker recognized internationally, and with a Gold medal in the 2017 San Francisco Chronicle wine contest for her 2013 Syrah. Not one to shy away from working with difficult varietals – Pam flourishes in making small-lot wines with more uncommon grapes. Washington Pinot Noir?...unheard of! Montepulciano??...only in Italy. Baco Noir???...what’s that? And yet our customers and wine club members swoon over her wines
What separates Pam from her peers? Our members and guests tell us that every single one of Pam’s wines are distinctive – there’s not a bad one in the lot! Each varietal has its own individual flavor profile – and her wine’s don’t all run together and taste the same. She loves to experiment – from natural fermentation practices, to unusual barreling and blending rituals. We’re committed that each bottle of Adrice Wines will surprise and delight you!
Meet our Co-owner Julie Bulrice:


What does the witty voice of Adrice Wines have to say about herself? Behind every brilliant winemaker is a smart woman and cheerleader. Julie’s career has focused primarily in motivating and inspiring others through Leadership Development and Executive Coaching in large, strongly-branded Corporations. Yep….her day-job is in the corporate world…but it pays the bills, and inspires her to market and run Adrice Wines more effectively each day.
Julie grew up in retail…her parents owned clothing stores in Southern California…so storytelling and creating great customer experiences are in her blood. You’ll find Julie most often in the tasting room with guests, and managing the behind-the-scenes business of Adrice Wines. From the silly/witty wine labels you read…to the creative wine names and stories…Julie’s creatively flourishes as she helps put a voice to Pam’s amazing wines.
Meet our Winery Dog Dexter:

Now a day, you’ll most often see 17 year old Dexter sleeping in his bed in the tasting room...but Dex has been a shoulder-to-shoulder companion of Pam for the entire time she’s been making wine. An unusual Rat Terrier (a bit shorter in height and not quite as high-energy)…when he’s awake…Dex is generally greeting tasting room customers and welcoming other 4-leggeds to the winery. Dexter finally got his day in the sun when he was pictured in the 2017 Woodinville Wine Magazine – recognized as a true Winery Dog. Dexter has two siblings that stay at home and protect the wine library – Bacchus and Pinot. Would you really expect any other names???