2020 Fool's Gold Rye-Whiskey Cabernet Sauvignon (500ml)
2020 Fool's Gold Rye-Whiskey Cabernet Sauvignon (500ml)

2020 Fool's Gold Rye-Whiskey Cabernet Sauvignon (500ml)

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2020 Fool's Gold Rye-Whiskey Cabernet Sauvignon

2020 Washington Cabernet Sauvignon
16% Alc. by volume
Aged in small-volume Rye-Whiskey barrels
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Diamond Back Ridge Vineyard
Rattlesnake Hills AVA

Name Origin: - Fool's Gold - noun: Any of several minerals, especially pyrite and chalcopyrite, sometimes mistaken for gold.

Surprise!  It’s back!  It’s been 2 years since winemaker Pam produced our yummy Fool’s Gold wine – and for the FIRST TIME – we’re presenting a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon double casked in a Rye-Whiskey barrel.  You can bet this 2020 wine is stunning, because it was double casked for over 2 years (first year in French oak, then an additional year in a Rye-Whiskey barrel) – PLUS – it’s been aging for 1.5 years in bottle.  We waited for perfection….and here it is!

Our first Fool’s Gold vintage was 2016…and many Washington winemakers tried in vain to copy our magic.  One thing to know out of the gate:  It’s a small bottle – but FOOL’S GOLD IS NOT A PORT!  It’s a 100% Cab Sauv wine that was aged in a Rye-Whiskey barrel.  The nose is CRAZY with aromas that “fool you”…fig, butterscotch, maple syrup, cherry, cinnamon, caramel.  “Fruit?  And Sweet?  It’s not a Port???”  NOPE!  What you taste is pure wine yumminess!  Light red fruits of pomegranate and cranberry, alongside dark red fruits that remind you of figs.  See if you can taste butterscotch, a little vanilla, and some slight whiskey notes on the palate.

We immediately wanted to pair Fool’s Gold with spicey (not hot) foods:  Peppered steak; Blueberry-glazed pork ribs; Kansas City BBQ ribs, or Carne Asada with a nice dry spice rub.  Or with dessert, pour some over homemade pound cake, or serve it next to s’mores by the campfire! 

It’s a stunner – and it sure Fool’s you if you come back the next day and taste what’s left (if there is any)!  Just remember, the alcohol is pretty high – so keep your wits about you!!

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