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~ It originates in the Piedmont Region of Northern Italy

~ There is less than 30 acres of Nebbiolo grapes planted in Washington state, and less than 25 wineries that make wine with it (as of 2022). This may be because it is known to be difficult to grow. It is sensitive to temperatures, susceptible to sunburn, and requires special canopy management. 

~ Delicate aromas and rigorous tannins pair with creamy, cheesy dishes with a high fat content to counteract the wines natural intense tannin. 


Adrice Wines La Montagna Nebbiolo and Arm Lifter Nebbiolo Rose are both sourced from Coyote Canyon Vineyard in the Horse Heaven Hills AVA. 

Arm Lifter Nebbiolo Rose features ripe cranberry and raspberry on the nose with a little black tea. On the palate - complex and balanced with those same red fruits, orange pith, bergamot, and a nice, long finish. 

La Montagna Nebbiolo appears a lovely translucent garnet. On the noses is an open spice box with an assortment of earthy notes and sweet cherry. On the palate expect robust tannins and high acidity, plus a mouth full of ripe pie cherry and the taste of mouthwatering rose. 

 Stop by the tasting room this weekend to taste either or both of these delicious wines! 


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