• 2019 Rosé the Riveter Grenache Rosé (750ml)

2019 Rosé the Riveter Grenache Rosé (750ml)


Name Origin: Rosie the Riveter became the most iconic image of American working women during World War II.  We took a twist on a name, and named her Rosé the Riveter for good measure!

2019 Washington Grenache Rosé
14.5% Alc. by volume
AVA: Rattlesnake Hills, WA

100% Grenache


Wow…it's hard for us to believe that this is our 5th vintage of Rosé the Riveter!  Like the hundreds of thousands of strong American women who kept our country thriving during  WWII - our Grenache Rosé the Riveter keeps going strong!

This year's fruit-forward 2019 Rosé the Riveter vintage will please everyone's palate.  Your nose is greeted with red fruits of strawberry compote and watermelon followed by a tich of orange peel.  That orange peel transitions into your palate with a burst of blood orange fruit and herbal notes of candied ginger and pineapple sage.

Because the juice was pressed off the grenache grape skins so quickly to make it a rosé…the bolder qualities of the grenache grape (leather, licorice, dark/dried fruits) were left in the must-pile.  But the cool thing about rosé, is that you can still food pair it with the bolder qualities of the grape that were left behind.  So bring on a summer smoked chicken salad, smoked trout with capers and citrus crema, risotto, or smoked blue cheese and radicchio salad.  Or...if you're not a fancy cook...boil some pasta and serve a light triple cream blue cheese sauce over the top with a glass of our Rosé the Riveter.  You'll feel so inspired you'll want to grab your riveter guns and get that niggling house project finished!!!