• 2019 Montepulciano (750ml)

2019 Montepulciano (750ml)


2019 Montepulciano

2019 Montepulciano
13.50% Alc. by volume
Horse Heaven Hills AVA
Columbia Valley, WA
100% Montepulciano

Many of our club members and guests have long-awaited the return of Adrice Wines’ Montepulciano.  Ta-da…she’s here!!!  Our last Montepulciano release – the 2017 vintage – was not only medal-winning…but adored by Italian varietal lovers.  Unfortunately, our 2018’s grapes were a bust due to overspray at the vineyard.  So now, we proudly present to you our 2019 100% Montepulciano!  We’re quite proud to be one of only 3-4 wineries in the state of Washington producing this Italian varietal.  And we’re quite proud to have served up 4 vintages of this beautiful and balanced wine (‘14 from California / ’16, ’17, and ’19 from Washington).  If you’re one of our lucky and seasoned wine club members…you might still have this vertical in your cellar!  The 2014 is perfect for drinking right now!!!

Expect to be greeted with an earthy nose so typical of Montepulciano (damp black Midwest earth).  See if your nose can also pick up herbal notes of oregano and thyme.  In the mouth, both the acidity and grippy mid-palette tannins are moderately-high, so you’ll enjoy a juicy mouthful of ripe dark red-to-black fruits moving from red plum to boysenberry to black currant. Typical of a Monte, it's lovely on the front and mid-palette, and the flavor ends mid-mouth.  Note a cocoa/spicy finish.

Because of its higher acidity compared to most red varietals, Montepulciano pairs beautifully with either higher-acid foods or more fatty foods which soften the wine on your palette.  Of course, pair Monte with anything Tomato-based (did someone say Bruschetta followed by Pepperoni Pizza?).  Sausages, spicy Italian meats and charcuterie marinades like marinated artichokes, mushrooms or eggplant are a must.  And consider serving with beef tenderloin, dried cheeses, or Korean marinades.