• 2018 Malbec (750ml)

2018 Malbec (750ml)


2018 Malbec

14.65% Alc. by volume
Diamondback Ridge Vineyard
AVA: Columbia Valley, WA
100% Malbec


I’ll be honest with you – I had a really difficult time writing the tasting notes for this wine because I literally could not stop smelling its nose and got completely sucked into the deep purple color.  I was stuck!  I just kept smelling, and swirling, and smiling.  Winemaker Pamela Adkins has truly outdone herself with this wine.  OMG – it’s AMAZING – and she didn’t make very much of it.  THIS WINE IS THE QUINTESSENTIAL WASHINGTON MALBEC!

Ok…get ready for these tasting notes:  Nose: High-intensity purple flowers “run-amock”.  Sweet vanilla, tobacco, clove, allspice – your basic baking spices in a bottle.  Because it’s a 2018…it’s been quietly sleeping in bottle for 2-years already, so it’s soft and well-integrated upon opening.  On the palate, you’re greeted with silky fruit forwardness of black cherry, black plum galette, some mocha on the mid-palate, and a sour fruit/black cherry finish.  The fine, silky tannins bring the wine WAY to the back of your palate where pepper and baking spices pop back up again (so common in Washington Malbecs).  Look for black pepper and pipe tobacco to linger long after you’ve finished the swallow.  This could seriously be my new favorite wine.  And I’m a CAB girl!!!!  WHAT????

If I can force myself away from the glass, I know I should probably eat something with this or I’ll be in trouble later.  Toss your favorite steak on the grill and consider it done.  Or how ‘bout mushroom stuffed peppers for our vegetarian friends.  Malbecs pair beautifully with semi-hard cheeses that aren’t too salty…so I’m thinking of a fondu of cheddar, Colby, Gouda and/or blue cheese (on top of that steak baby!)

Seriously…this wine is going to sell FAST...there likely won’t be time to submit it for awards.  Get some, store some, enjoy some…you can’t go wrong with this stunner.