• 2018 JB Cabernet Sauvignon (750ml)

2018 JB Cabernet Sauvignon (750ml)



2018 Washington Cabernet Sauvignon

14.7% Alc. by volume
AVA: Red Mountain WA
Yakima Valley, WA
100% Cabernet Sauvignon

**SILVER - 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition**

**SILVER - 2022 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition**


Name Origin:JB Cabernet named for the “-rice” half of Adrice Wines – Pam’s life and business partner Julie Bulrice.

Have you ever lit up when you passed a street sign that happened to have your name on it?  A restaurant or pub in a foreign country that is your namesake?  Have you ever been lucky enough to find an omelet, grilled cheese sandwich, or hamburger named after you?      Try a wine label!!!

Talk about a surprise!  Pam worked tirelessly to surprise Julie with her own wine label (she kinda had to after earlier naming a wine after her best friend and then her favorite winery companion Dexter!).  Seriously….this act of love and generosity made me cry…..but winemaker Pam is well known for her giant heart and willingness to help almost anyone. Unbeknownst to me, Pam brought home a series of “trial blends” having me taste each one over the course of a few weeks.  More than once she heard, “No…too tannic.” Or, “A little bitey” (although, to be honest, that one is probably a bit more like me when I get tired and overwhelmed).  But Pam stuck with it (as she has with me) until she found the perfect blend of several Washington Cabernet barrels that I’d love so that she could put my name on it!  And wow…did she find the right blend!

With every passing vintage, Pam gets better and better at making “BEAUTIFUL BIG” wines – and JB Cab is no exception.  As of this writing, in only seven vintages, Pam has won 46 different awards for her wines…so she clearly knows how to bring out the best in a single varietal wine.  We say in the winery….” the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon is like a balanced 3-legged stool”.  It’s attractive to look at – note the deep ruby translucent color. Each leg of the stool is even and balanced:  JB Cab displays beautiful red to black fruits – pomegranate to black cherry, black currant, and fig.  Magnificent oak/barrel qualities of vanilla, cocoa nibs, and pipe tobacco.  And just the right amount of savory herbal/floral qualities with that infamous cabernet pyrazine bell pepper and oregano.

Hands down, when asked what would pair beautifully with this cab stunner – our tasting trial friends agreed that served alone with a cigar…or grilled/smoked meats would be the ticket.  JB is here to say…that a grilled aged cheddar cheese sandwich and a glass of JB Cab would be a PERFECT pairing with the tartness of the cheese against the balance and beauty of this wine.  There I go again….grilled cheese sandwich.  Treat yourself to one with a beautiful glass of JB Cabernet!