• 2018 Dextérité French Malbec (750ml)

2018 Dextérité French Malbec (750ml)


2018 Dextérité French Malbec
14.50% Alc. by volume
Yakima Valley, WA
100% French Malbec

Name Origin:  Dextérité honors Adrice Wines' favorite 4-legged friend - Dexter the Winery Dog.  He lived a good, long 19 years right at the side of winemaker Pam.  Dex was often seen at the winery sleeping in his bed, riding on the forklift, or sniffing the carpet for dropped morsels of food left by our wine club members.  Dexter's first winemaking award was bestowed upon him with a picture in the 2017 Woodinville Wine Magazine – recognized as a true Winery Dog. We expect that Dextérité will soon become his second award - issued posthumously.  Dextérité means "dexterous" in French - and like a French Malbec - both Dexter and this grape display dexterity like no other wine (or dog) we know. 

The French Malbec grapes that comprise Dextérité hail from some of the ORIGINAL Malbec clones from southwest France which make this wine completely different than any of Pam’s other Malbecs.  Many wine lovers don’t know that Malbec first grew in France, but French Malbec is very weather sensitive, and a frost in Southern France in 1956 wiped out most of the varietal.  The thick-skinned larger-berry purple French Malbec needs a lot of sun to ripen – which explains its luscious pie-like fruit forwardness and barrel flavors.  Dextérité is a FRUIT BOMB.  First, check out the amazing teeth-staining medium-purple color in your glass.  See if you can smell vanilla cream, wild iris, and lilac on the nose.  Dexterities’ plush texture floats on your palate with dark ripe pie fruit of blackberry, sweet ripe cherry, marionberry – heck, you can even taste the butter pie crust and the scoop of vanilla à la mode!  But as always with Pam’s wines – this is a completely dry wine!  This wine’s dexterity is its intense fruity flavor and its medium-to-long finish topped off with mocha and black cherry. 

If you own a red beret – we recommend donning it and serving Dextérité aside smoked meats like turkey with fennel sausage dressing or thinly sliced Spanish Jamon Iberico.  Anything pork will shine with this wine.  Consider a light charcuterie plate with dry cheeses and aged/smoked meats.  Or bring a bottle of Dextérité to your favorite tapas bar and share it around…you’ll be the la belle du bal.