• 2017 Vivant Sauvignon Blanc (750ml)

2017 Vivant Sauvignon Blanc (750ml)

**GOLD - 2018 International Women's Wine Competition Winner**

Name Origin: Vivant - adjective: French - Alive

2017 Washington Sauvignon Blanc
12.76% Alc. by volume 
AVA: Horse Heaven Hills, WA
100% Sauvignon Blanc


Made in the new-world Sauvignon Blanc style, our second vintage of Vivant couldn't be any more different than her older sister. Pale yellow with an herbaceous nose of floral buttercup, the softer 2017 vintage is a huge grapefruit bomb with notes of passion fruit, citrus and green apple.

Because Sauv Blanc is typically described as "green, with herbaceous flavors", Vivant pairs perfectly with goat cheese, white meats, fish, green herbs, hummus or asparagus quiche. Paired with food, or enjoyed well-chilled watching the setting sun - you'll come ALIVE with this small-batch vintage. Enjoy!