• 2016 Synergy Grenache Port (500ml)
  • 2016 Synergy Grenache Port (500ml)

2016 Synergy Grenache Port (500ml)

Name Origin: Synergy - noun: the interaction of two or more substances to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

2016 Washington Dessert Wine – LIMITED PRODUCTION
18.00% Alc. by volume
Ruby Port-style wine
Ingredients: Winemaker’s Secret

Available in two varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache

Who doesn’t love a good Port after dinner (or frozen into a popsicle?). Winemaker Pam Adkins has outdone herself with this “experiment” that blossomed into what winemakers and wine lovers alike are saying, “Wow…how can I get my hands on some of this?” Carefully topping and maintaining it for months (and thieving out tastes here and there for potential wine club members)… this magic elixir will bring a smile to your face and a yearning for more by you and your guests. Only 30 gallons of each varietal were produced in 2016….lesson learned…there will be more coming in our 2017 vintage!!! We produced this wine to thank our wine club members for supporting our craft winery. Once opened, the bottle should be drinkable for up to six months if recorked and stored in a cool location.

Grenache Varietal: Imagine standing in a field of flowers an swallowing a bowl of fruit (kind of weird we know...but true). This unfiltered wine is floral on the nose, fruit forward and perfectly sweetened to top off a lovely dinner.