• 2016 Montepulciano (750ml)

2016 Montepulciano (750ml)


**Bronze - 2018 Denver International Wine Competition Winner**

2016 Washington Montepulciano
14.50% Alc. by volume
AVA: Columbia Valley, WA

100% Montepulciano


Pam & Julie moved up to Washington with 24 cases of their first Montepulciano from Sonoma, CA. That incredible wine sold out in less than 5 months - and our club members and guests have long awaited the return of this very-rarely-grown-in-the-US-(let-alone-Washington) Italian Grape. It's hard to believe - but Pam sourced one vineyard here in Washington that is growing some beautiful, full-clustered Montepulciano grapes. Don't even ask the name of the vineyard - because we're not sharing. We want you to ONLY buy Washington Montepulciano from Adrice Wines!!!

This 2016 Washington vintage is just as "finicky" and "funky" as our original 2014...but oh boy...leaving it unfiltered and unfined was a brilliant winemaking choice on Pam's part. Here's just a few of the notes that our best testers experienced: chocolate cherry truffle, dark chocolate, coffee, Madagascar vanilla, baking spices, dried plum, and red fruits of sour cherry and strawberry. Open this winner at least an hour before serving - and aerate to open it up. This stellar selection can easily lie down for 5-10 years - if you can hold back from draining the bottle. We sure couldn't...which is why we'll have this stunner in our lineup for years to come! Cincin!