• 2016 GSM - Red Blend - The Alchemist  (750ml)

2016 GSM - Red Blend - The Alchemist (750ml)


Name Origin - The Alchemist - noun: Medieval Latin - ""One who magically transforms common elements into an elixir of life."

2016 Red Blend
14.5% Alc. by volume
AVA: Columbia Valley, WA
60% Grenache / 15% Syrah / 25% Mourvèdre

The number 13 is LUCKY for Adrice Wines! It took 13 different blending trials for Winemaker Pam to transform Washington-grown Rhône-style grapes into this striking blend of high-acid, medium-bodied GSM red wine. The Grenache grapes provide soft, spiced red berry and cherry flavors and a beautifully round mouthfeel. The bold Syrah grapes give the wine muscle and fill the mid-palate with darker fruit flavors of blueberry, plum, smoked meats, black olive and white pepper. And the Mourvèdre grapes wrap up the blend by creating both presentation and finish to the wine and add body, rich color and tannins with earthiness, tobacco and floral aromas. Pair with big full-flavored foods - red meats and game will go well with our GSM. Mushroom and pepper sauces will also compliment this blend well - and perhaps even turn you into The Alchemist in your kitchen!