• 2014 Santé Syrah (750ml)
  • 2014 Santé Syrah (750ml)

2014 Santé Syrah (750ml)



**Silver - 2018 SF Chronicle Wine Competition Winner**

Name Origin:
Santé - (French) noun: Health
2014 Sonoma, CA Syrah
14.3% Alc. by volume
Vineyard: Petris – Sonoma County, CA
100% Syrah



Cheers to your Health! Most everyone knows that Syrah is Pam the winemaker’s favorite varietal…and her 2014 Santé Syrah doesn’t let us down. These grapes sourced 1 vintage later and 1 mile south of our 2013 Syrah vintage – and never have you tasted two more different siblings! She packs dreamy aromas of dried meats and berries with a long luscious finish. Pairs great with smoked pork chops, spaghetti, steak – or even a gourmet burger. We can’t guarantee better Health – but we can sure wish it for you!