• 2017 Alma Albariño (750ml)

2017 Alma Albariño (750ml)

Name Origin: Alma - noun: Spanish - Soul

2017 Washington Albariño
13.20% Alc. by volume
AVA: Columbia Valley, WA

100% Albariño


Albariño is new to Adrice Wines' lineup, but with Pam's penchant for exploration, it was only a matter of time before she added a rare-to-Washington Spanish white grape into our white wine lineup. It was easy for us to name her Alma – or Soul - from the first moment we tasted her. The name Alma was reserved as a title for classical goddesses long ago – and we expect our 2017 Alma Albariño to rise to the level of classical goddess in short time.

With the color of pale straw and an intense nose of flowering dogwood and young unripe honeydew - you'll want to swirl and sniff this wine all day. Past you lips, your soul will light up with the refreshing taste of white nectarine, fresh lime, honeydew, citrus flavors and a subtle saltiness. We even picked up minerals similar to whetted granite (because we run around sniffing wet granite). Alma is a classic Albariño – dry, high-acid, and light-bodied with a tingly finish.

Serve Alma with light to middle-intensity foods, especially seafood dishes like ceviche, fish tacos, seafood pasta, and shrimp. Or explore what a classical goddess can do with Vietnamese and Thai cuisines.