• 2021 Arm-Lifter Nebbiolo Rosé (750ml)

2021 Arm-Lifter Nebbiolo Rosé (750ml)


2021 Arm-Lifter Nebbiolo Rosé

Washington Nebbiolo Rosé
13.5% Alc. by volume
Coyote Canyon Vineyard
AVA: Horse Heaven Hills - Columbia Valley, WA
100% Nebbiolo

Who recognizes Rosie the Robot Housekeeper (RRH) from the 60’s animated cartoon The Jetsons? Check out her guns!!!  You've seen the gesture…..typically, an Italian (because the Nebbiolo grape does hail from Italy) raises one arm high across the chest with a clenched fist while the other hand slaps the crook of the raised elbow. "L'Ombrello" it's called - and that gesture is to our attorney friends who made us change our original Grenache and Nebbiolo Rosé labels!  Bwa Ha Ha.  Hence RRH’s new name – Arm-Lifter Rosé!

These days, RRH sports her own rocket soaring to new heights…because Nebbiolo is known for its balanced high acidity, high tannins, and high-intensity aromas.  And our 2021 Arm-Lifter Rosé is no exception.  Before your nose even gets close to the rim of the glass, you can pick up huge whiffs of rose, potpourri, and black tea.  On the palate, Arm-Lifter lights up the roof of your mouth with its bright acidity and we know it’s crazy (but so was Rosie the Housekeeper….) RAZZLEBERRY (raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries).  Nebbiolo has a spiciness to it…and we get spice cake on the mid-palate.

Arm-Lifter Rosé will pair beautifully with olive tapenade on crostini bread, risotto with mushrooms, or fried pork cutlets Milanese.  Whatever you serve Arm-Lifter Rosé with, remember to don your favorite doily apron in her honor, and if you're going to raise an arm to anything...make sure there's a glass of Arm-Lifter Rosé in your hand (and please slap that crooked elbow gingerly so as not to spill a single drop)!  Here's to winemaker Pam for another stellar wine!