• 2019 Rosie the Riveter Nebbiolo Rosé (750ml)

2019 Rosie the Riveter Nebbiolo Rosé (750ml)


Name Origin:'s the 21st century, and almost everyone has their own "Rosie the Robot Housekeeper" ala the Jetsons cartoon!  Rosé the Riveter was already taken with our Grenache Rosé - so our 2019 Rosie the Riveter Rosé rockets in from Orbit City via the Emerald City to grace us with a lovely glass of chilled rosé while she tidies up your home!

2019 Washington Nebbiolo Rosé
13.5% Alc. by volume
AVA: Horse Heaven Hills, WA 

100% Nebbiolo


If you haven't figured it out yet - Adrice Wines has a great sense of humor and loves to produce creative wine labels to showcase our creative and distinctive wines.  Rosie the Riveter is no exception.  

Rosie the Riveter, our second Rosé of 2019 - is a rare 100% Nebbiolo Rosé (because you know how much winemaker Pam loves to experiment with Italian grape varietals).  Nebbiolo is known for both high tannins and high acidity - making it a full-bodied rosé.  Rosie's medal fist moves from her arm to your face with a punch of unripe strawberry and rosehips on your nose.  Red fruits continue on the palate - as she presents a perfectly-cut slice of strawberry/cherry pie drizzled in honey on a doily.  See if you can pick up cranberry and raspberry as well.  

Our Rosie the Riveter shines when paired with cured meats and smokey/grilled food.  Start your evening out with fresh figs drizzled with aged balsamic aside a goat and blue cheese platter circled by cured antipasto meats.  Next up - wood-fired pizza or perhaps grilled sausages with tarragon mustard.  Dessert?  Peaches wrapped in Proscuitto.....

All these tasty morsels served alongside a lovely chilled bottle of Rosie the Riveter Rosé will rocket you out of Orbit City and into the cosmos!