• 2019 Vaqueras Washington Dessert Wine (500ml)

2019 Vaqueras Washington Dessert Wine (500ml)


2019 VAQUERAS Washington Dessert Wine

Double cask in French Oak and Rye-Whiskey barrels
18.0% Alc. by volume
100% Cabernet Sauvignon Ruby Port-style wine
Quintessence Vineyard - (AVA-Red Mountain, WA)

Name OriginVaqueras - Spanish; noun: Cowgirls.  The story goes that one of Pam's and Julie's favorite pictures is of them riding two brand-new Adrice Wines branded wine barrels - just like they were buckin' broncos.  It totally makes sense to use a caricature of that same picture, as two crazy cowgirls ride their rye-whiskey barrels off into the sunset!


Pam learned to make Port-style dessert wines from some of the best winemakers in California.  Now take Pam's beautiful, not-cloyingly-sweet port - and put it into a Rye-Whiskey barrel for over a year - and what do you get?  Dang cowboys and get an even better after dinner treat the comes loaded with caramel layers on top of beautiful blackberry fruit!

Expect pleasantly surprising notes of chocolate and blackberry on the nose.'s really hard to pin down Vaqueras' flavors, as everyone's palates are different, and everyone literally picks up different notes.  Some get a dark fruit bomb; some get the char from the Whiskey barrel.  Others get graham crackers, vanilla...even caramel.  What do you get?  

Step right up and mount this first-ever and one-of-a-kind treat in the State of Washington Vaqueras.  Hang on tight to your saddle and your cowgirl hat...Adrice Wines is taking you on another wild ride!  Yee Haw!!!

Because this wine is fortified with brandy, once opened, the bottle should be drinkable for up to one year if recorked and stored in a cool location.