• 2018 sofaKing Tragic Malbec Blend (750ml)

2018 sofaKing Tragic Malbec Blend (750ml)


2018 Malbec Blend
13.60% Alc. by volume
Columbia Valley, WA
50% Malbec / 50% Cabernet Franc

Name Origin:  sofaKing Tragic are the exact words we used when we lost 4 barrels of our amazing 2017 sofaKing Tragic as it slipped off the forklift.  That wine was so beautiful...and the story so tragic...that we decided to make it again in 2018 - but without the accident!!!!

The simplest way we can describe our 2nd vintage of sofaKing Tragic – is THANK GOD FOR WINEMAKER PAM!!!!  sofaKing Tragic is NOT a “normal” blend – but hey – we’re talking Adrice Wines, where nothing is normal about having upwards of 20 different award-winning wines on the tasting table – each and every one of them with a distinctive flavor profile.  sofaKing Tragic will not disappoint.  You’re greeted with a rich, earthy nose of cocoa, dark soil, and clay pot.  On the palate, you’ll relish the beautiful balance of red and black fruits finishing with either a spoonful of Nutella (if you’re a hazelnut fan) – or chocolate-covered cherries. 

Pair this crying baby with spicier foods like Thai BBQ Chicken, Carne Asada, Carolina Pulled Pork or some smoked paprika sausage. 

Our first vintage sold out quickly.  If we were that baby on the label…we’d be crying for more sofaKing Tragic Malbec blend too!!!  So pick up several bottles today – you won’t be disappointed!