• 2018 NOTORIOUS _ _ _ Washington Red Blend (750ml)

2018 NOTORIOUS _ _ _ Washington Red Blend (750ml)


2018 NOTORIOUS _ _ _ 

Washington Red Blend
14.8% Alc. by volume
75% Cabernet Sauvignon - Dineen Vineyard-Catherine's Block (AVA-Yakima Valley, WA) &
25% Merlot - Stillwater Creek Vineyard (AVA-Royal Slope, WA)

**DOUBLE GOLD / BEST IN CLASS / 98 Points - 2021 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition** 

**SILVER - 2021 Texas International Wine Competition**

**SILVER - 2022 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition**


Name Origin: NOTORIOUS _ _ _  As with most things, Adrice Wines wants to turn the word Notorious on its head.  We invite you to reflect on what YOU want to become widely and positively known for.  RBG isn't here to carry her torch any longer, so each of us has to!  What is it that you want to be positively known for?  Claim it - and boldly write your three initials on the front of your own bottle of NOTORIOUS!  Get out there and show the world how positively NOTORIOUS you are!


Up to this point, winemaker Pam has won the most gold medal awards in her career - hands down - with her Washington Cab Sauvs and Merlots.  NOTORIOUS _ _ _ is a blend of both of those grapes, and honestly...we think it is the very best blend that Pam has EVER made (and she's made a LOT of wine over nine years of winemaking!)

First - who doesn't LOVE the Label???  Our Adrice Wines wineglass logo got dolled up with her stately collar of dissent - just waiting to take a stand for what's right and true.  What stands out next - is the NOSE.  NOTORIOUS begins with the juicy aromatics of Washington Merlot - black cherry and sugar plum matched by oak overtones of vanilla, toffee, and baking spices. The longer it sits - the better it smells.  On the palate - NOTORIOUS settles in with those predominant Cabernet qualities of dark, jammy fruits that hail from well-aged vines - smothered with creamy vanilla, herbs, and caramel to produce a smooth, long, velvety finish.  Post-swallow, you can pick up hints of leather and the smokey remnants of an aged humidor.  This wine is serious S _ _ _!  The nose and flavors sit with you LONG after your glass is done - and NOTORIOUS will soon be positively known for as a Totally Rockin’ Wine T R W.

What is it that you want to be positively known for?  Claim it!  Write your initials on the bottle!  And then share this story and our beautiful NOTORIOUS wine with friends, colleagues, and family so that we can all bring a little more good into the world!