• 2018 Friends Blend Washington Red Wine (750ml)

2018 Friends Blend Washington Red Wine (750ml)


2018 Washington Red Wine
13.80% Alc. by volume
Columbia Valley, WA
57% Malbec / 28% Cabernet Sauvignon / 15% Petit Verdot

Name Origin:  Friends Blend  The idea of naming a wine “Friends Blend” came from the amazing friends who have helped Pam & Julie make this winery dream possible. “Wine-ing” is a lot of hard work – but also filled with fun, and adventure. It seemed only fitting to create a wine that says Thank You to our friends for all your help and support. So here is to Connie, David G. David M., Jamie, Kevin, Mechelle, Julie F, Sheryl, and many more.

All three of the grapes that make up this luscious red Bordeaux Friends Blend individually produce BIG, full-bodied wines.  Put them together – and you can expect to be showered with big tannins, big color, and big, rich fruit flavor.

First, the deep purple color greets you like royalty as three of the five French noble grapes fill your glass.  Swirl the glass around like you’d greet a friend – with a big hug and pat on the back (this isn’t your typical 6-feet distance COVID pandemic wine).  You’re going to want to get your nose in there and draw a big sniff of leather & smoke, black fruits, and herbs of sage, thyme, and that Cab-famous bell pepper.  Big?  Friendly?  You betcha!  Next, on the palate, you’re hugged with ripe, jammy black fruits, vanilla, fig, a little licorice…and a finish of blackberry pie.  This bold, balanced wine will fill your entire palate with big, friendly yumminess!

Friends Blend can be enjoyed on its own, or pairs with equally-bold foods that you’d want to share with your friends…..  Charcuterie with salami and goat cheese, lamb served any-which-way, rich Italian foods, brisket, ribs, smoked meat, or consider roast pork or carnitas.  However served, be sure to gather your friends around, pour healthy glassfuls, share your stories, and create new ones – and most importantly – thank the loved ones around you that make your dreams come true.  Here’s to Friends Blend….Cheers!