• 2017 Synergy Cabernet Sauvignon Port (500ml)

2017 Synergy Cabernet Sauvignon Port (500ml)


Name OriginSynergy - noun: the interaction of two or more substances to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects (...kind of like Pam and Julie - Adrice Wines' owners!)

2017 Washington Dessert Wine
18.00% Alc. by volume
Ruby Port-style wine

Who doesn’t love a good Port-style wine after dinner (or frozen into a Popsicle?). Not your typical Port-style after dinner wine - our 2017 Synergy has the perfect degree of sweetness that keeps you coming back for more (aka: it's not cloyingly sweet). Our 2016 Synergy Cab port sold out so quickly that Winemaker Pamela quadrupled her production of this sweet elixir in 2017...and you'll be glad she did!

Expect pleasantly surprising notes of candied plum, black cherry and leather on the nose.  Flavors of raspberry, root beer, graham cracker, vanilla, fig and cinnamon coat your mouth in satisfying sweetness.  See if your mid-pallet picks up some tingly acidity that leaves you with a sense of effervescence on your tongue.  This crowd pleaser finishes with a clean light jammy finish and pairs perfectly with chocolate desserts.

Once opened, the bottle should be drinkable for up to six months if recorked and stored in a cool location.