• 2017 Montepulciano (750ml)

2017 Montepulciano (750ml)

13.50% Alc. by volume
AVA: Horse Heaven Hills; Columbia Valley, WA
100% Montepulciano

**Silver - 2019 Northwest Food & Wine Festival Competition Winner**

Adrice Wines' 2017 Montepulciano marks our 3rd Montepulciano vintage (and we're only 1 of 3 wineries in the entire State of Washington producing this seductive Italian grape.)  This year's Monte is pleasantly more complex and tannic than its 2016 sister because of the warmer temperatures in 2017.  As such, this wine will linger on both your front and mid-palettes a bit longer than our 2016 version.  The longer your glass sits, the more beautiful it gets - so give it plenty of air when serving.

Expect to be greeted with an earthy nose so typical of Montepulciano.  See if your nose can pick up oregano and dried green herbs, along with tobacco and boysenberry.  In the mouth, both the acidity and grippy mid-palette tannins are moderately-high. Typical of a monte, it's lovely on the front and mid-palette and the flavor ends mid-mouth.  It quickly goes from being red-fruit to black-fruit driven; starting with red plum and slightly sour cherry, and eases into primary black fruits of black cherry, marionberry, boysenberry, and young black currant.

Because of its acidity, Montepulciano pairs beautifully with more fatty foods which soften the wine on your palette.  Consider mountain meat like lamb or goat which will bring out the wild flavor of the wine.  And Monte always pairs well with Bolognese sauce & pasta, beef tenderloin, dried cheeses, and Korean marinades.

As mentioned above - give it time.  This 2017 Montepulciano will be even more ready to start drinking in early 2020 and beyond, and could lay down for 5 or more years!