• 2017 Lift Off Washington Red Wine (750ml)

2017 Lift Off Washington Red Wine (750ml)


 2017 Lift Off Red Wine
13.15% Alc. by volume / 750ml
Washington Red Blend
40% Cabernet Sauvignon / 30% Syrah / 20% Malbec / 10% Pinot Noir

**Silver - 2020 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition**

Lift Off is a new sub-brand of Adrice Wines, and enters the marketplace with one prestigious award around its neck already.  We built our launch pad and aimed our rocket at producing a great drinking, affordable red blend for newer wine drinkers, or folks who are looking for a delightful and modestly-priced every-day red.  Turn the bottle around and take a read of the back label for our inspiration for this wine.  

Expect darker fruits on the nose (prune and blueberry) with lots of barrel smells like cocoa, vanilla, bourbon barrel, and sweet tobacco.  On the palate, look for lots of buttery, jammy fruits that demonstrate great finish for an affordable, award-winning wine.  

So buckle up buttercup…. You're headed for the ride of your life with Lift Off!!