• 2016 Mon Frère Petite Sirah (750ml)

2016 Mon Frère Petite Sirah (750ml)


Name Origin:- noun: French - "my brother"

2016 Washington Petite Sirah
14.40% Alc. by volume
AVA: Horse Heaven Hills, WA

100% Petite Sirah


Pam's best friend David (and brother from a different mother) is truly a gift in her life. Friends for more than 20 years, Pam and David are so close, that they understand each other to the point that words often aren't necessary. Since Pam started making Adrice Wines in the 2012 vintage - David has been at her side during harvest, fermentation, barreling...and eventually bottling...always offering a hand, his warm smile, and his unforgettable laugh. David is truly "Pam's Brother" and she made this wine (with his help) in his honor to thank him for his brotherly love and support.

Mon Frère's opaque inky-purple color greets you with a broad smile like David's. Enjoy the spicy nose of pipe tobacco smoke, blackberry and black current. Your palate is greeted with intense, chewy, masculine plum and black current in this full-bodied, moderate-acid wine. Mon Frère pairs well with a wide variety of big dishes – barbequed meats, stews and braised meats all pair perfectly with its big tannins and satisfying finish. Consider cellaring this wine for 1-2 years to let the tannins settle and to bring out the true nature of this rare single-varietal small batch wine.