• 2018 Mourvèdre (750ml)

2018 Mourvèdre (750ml)


2018 Mourvèdre

AVA: Columbia Valley, WA

100% Mourvèdre
14.5% Alc. by volume

Mourvèdre (pronounced: more-veh-druh) (aka Monastrell) is a full-bodied and rustic wine that originated in Spain – and because Julie’s family hailed from Spain 16 generations ago – we’re excited to release our very first 100% Mourvèdre to our wine club.  Seemingly obscure (because there are less than 1000 acres of it growing across the USA), Mourvèdre quite often is used as a blending grape in popular French wines.  The last time you saw it at Adrice Wines was as the peppery backbone of Winemaker Pam’s gorgeous and any-food-worthy GSM (M being Mourvèdre).  Mourvèdre is a very structured and thick-skinned warm climate grape that ripens very late in the season – so it thrives in eastern Washington and our long, hot summer days.

As it pours into your glass – note its deep Garnet color.  This high-tannin, medium+ acidity wine dances as you swirl the glass… offering up a sweet nose of tobacco, lavender, and dark fruits of boysenberry and black cherry. But it's definitely not a sweet wine.  On the palate relish more black fruit (blackberry and plum) with a smooth, not-overwhelming, black pepper and Mexican Mocha finish.   Pam did not filter this beauty to retain its beautiful nose and flavor, and aged it in neutral oak barrels because Mourvèdre is known to pack a punch.  But like the rest of Winemaker Pam’s wines…this Mourvèdre is easy drinking and promises riches if you have the patience to lay it down for a few years.  We recommend a 1-hour decant before serving given the size of this grape.

Full-bodied red wines like Mourvèdre beg for rich foods to absorb the high tannin. Look for meats with lots of umami like beef short ribs, pork shoulder, barbeque, lamb, rabbit, pork sausage, and veal. Vegetarians will appreciate a rich Lentil stew or portobello mushroom alongside a glass of Adrice Wines’ Mourvèdre.