• 2018 Vivant Sauvignon Blanc (750ml)

2018 Vivant Sauvignon Blanc (750ml)


Name Origin: Vivant - adjective: French - Alive

2018 Washington Sauvignon Blanc
12.5% Alc. by volume 
AVA: Horse Heaven Hills, WA
100% Sauvignon Blanc


Adrice Wines’ 2018 Vivant Sauvignon Blanc is like none before it in both style and flavor.  Made in our typical New Zealand-style, this year’s Sauv Blanc will surprise your nose and mouth with fruits not normally seen in a Sauvignon Blanc.  Can you pick up papaya and plum as you take a deep sniff from the glass?  While your first taste pleases with typical Sauv Blanc notes of lemongrass, aloe and green tea…does your palette pick up deeper flavors of Tuscan melon, pear, caramel apple and bergamot?  Stylistically – we pick up both the typical tartness of a Sauv Blanc, softened by other summer fruits that surprise and delight us.  

If we were buddies with the American Heart Association – we’re certain that they’d recommend, “consuming Vivant at least two times (two servings) a week paired with your favorite fatty fish like salmon, lake trout or albacore tuna”…  But we can’t legally say that, so…..  We can, however, suggest bringing a bottle of Vivant with you to your favorite Sushi restaurant!  Also consider pairing her with pork chops, or paella.  And on the lighter side, consider serving Vivant alongside slices of Manchego cheese and asparagus al dente.