• 2018 Rosé the Riveter (750ml)

2018 Rosé the Riveter (750ml)


Name Origin: Rosie the Riveter became the most iconic image of American working women during World War II

2018 Washington Grenache
14.5% Alc. by volume
AVA: Columbia Valley, WA

100% Grenache


Adrice Wines’ 2018 Rosé the Riveter is like no Adrice Wines rosé before her, and she’ll be gone before you know it.  Expect lots of ripe red fruits on the palette like strawberry, Rainier cherry and raspberry.  Served cold, you’re greeted with a nose of honeycomb, apricot and vanilla bean.  At 14.5% ABV, Rosé the Riveter stands up to the best of them (including summer red wines)….and she pairs beautifully with grilled meats and sweet or spicy Kansas City-style barbeque sauce.

We promise this beautiful rosé will go quickly (as we produced only 500 bottles)…so be sure to pick up more soon or you’ll be sorry…..