• 2017 sofaKing Tragic Malbec (750ml)
  • 2017 sofaKing Tragic Malbec (750ml)

2017 sofaKing Tragic Malbec (750ml)


2017 Malbec Blend
12.50% Alc. by volume
Vineyard: Boisette Vineyard; Yakima Valley, WA
50% Malbec / 50% Cabernet Franc

Name Origin:  sofaKing Tragic are the exact words we used when we lost 4 barrels of this amazing wine as it slipped off the forklift.

Never in a million years did we think we'd end up with a label and wine name like this!  Say it fast....  faster.....  even faster!   Suffice it to say, that it was indeed tragic when four barrels of our 2017 Malbec and Cab Franc slipped off the forklift on a rainy Friday night toward the end of the 2017 harvest and crashed on the floor.  Thankfully, we were able to salvage some of these two amazing wines, and blend them together to make only 59 cases of what's soon to be one of your favorite Adrice Wines - sofaKing Tragic!

Honestly - we could sink our noses into a glass of this wine all day!!!  Displaying a beautiful plum color, you should easily be able to pick up floral notes of lavender and iris, red fruit, and a titch of white pepper on the nose.  SKT (for short) moves from your nose to your mid-palette with a structured mouthful of plum sauce, raspberry, nutmeg, and fig.  Never has it been S- F- Tragic that so little of this wine finally made it to our tasting table.  This wine will fly out the door if only for the amazing label, story and name - get yours today!!!

sofaKing Tragic will pair well with lean cuts of meat like flank, sirloin, skirt steak or grilled chops.  For a lighter meal, serve SKT with stuffed Portobello mushrooms, with a green olive tapenade on the side.  However served - be sure to have a box of tissue handy, as this wine will make you cry too!!!