• 2016 Malbec (750ml)

2016 Malbec (750ml)



**Bronze - 2019 SF Chronicle Wine Competition Winner**

**Bronze - 2019 International Women's Wine Competition Winner**

2016 Washington Malbec
12.5% Alc. by volume
AVA: Yakima Valley, WA
100% Malbec

If you've ever visited our tasting room, you'll know that we carry many single-varietals (100% stand-alone wines). Winemaker Pam loves to leave the grapes alone during the winemaking process and let them do what they do best - turn into great wine - so that our guests and club members can experience the true nature of each grape. To that end, we introduce our first 100% Malbec wine - a true display of this robust, higher tannin noble grape. Its opaque color is deep-purple red with a magenta-tinted rim. Sweet tobacco, violet, raspberry and blueberry greet you on the nose. Enjoy a juicy mouthful of seasonal summer fruits: pomegranate raspberry, marionberry with a touch of cinnamon. The wine relaxes into your mid-palate as if it's taking a rocking chair on the porch on a hot summer day. Malbec isn't known to have a super long finish. Because of this, it goes great with leaner red meats. We served it with organic bison's amazing!!! Malbec also does extremely well with funky flavors like blue cheese and rustic flavors like mushrooms and cumin spice.