• 2015 Alter Ego Washington Cabernet Sauvignon (750ml)
  • 2015 Alter Ego Washington Cabernet Sauvignon (750ml)

2015 Alter Ego Washington Cabernet Sauvignon (750ml)



**GOLD - 2018 International Women's Wine Competition Winner**

**Silver - 2018 SF Chronicle Wine Competition Winner**

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

15.00% Alc. by volume
Vineyard: Champoux – Horse Heaven Hills, WA
90% Cabernet Sauvignon / 9% Malbec / 1% Merlot

We may be a bit biased…but this is the best wine yet that Winemaker Pam Adkins has produced in her 17 years in the industry and 6 vintages of Adrice Wines. We’re likely not going to release this ‘till the Fall of 2017….it’s a big one and needs some bottle time and then some decanting time. We suggest you lay this prize down for awhile! Where did the cool name and the cool label come from??? The night that we moved our winery to our new Artisan Hill location, we were celebrating with friends and family. Someone asked us – “What would you be doing if you didn’t own a winery?" Pam immediately (without hesitation) answered, “I’d be a professional Dancer”….which sent everyone rolling on the floor…and started a long and memorable conversation about what each and every person would be doing if they could do ANYTHING they wanted – essentially answering the question, “What’s your Alter Ego?” . Take a sip of this amazing wine – let it seep in – let your mind and heart sore to that part of you that you’ve always yearned to express…and then tell us…“What’s YOUR Alter Ego?” Deep blackberry color with flavors of plum, toasted marshmallow, pecans, a light earthy floral and cranberry. See if you can catch dates on the long, full, warm finish!