Our First Blog Post!

Good Sunday afternoon!  Starting up a new business is quite a task!  MANY thanks to our wonderful friend Laura Waters for helping us get our website up and running.  We’re still working out kinks, formatting, etc…but this will be THE place to get updated about Adrice Wines!

So…it’s an overcast Sunday afternoon in Seattle, WA.  I’m blogging – Pam is planning a trip down to Napa, CA. at the end of this month to begin the planning our next round of bottling.  Most folks don’t know we have 19 barrels of wine aging down in Napa – the good work of Pam’s brilliant winemaking skills.  Next up:

  • 2 barrels of Pinot Noir from St. Helena outside of Napa
  • 5 barrels of Sonoma Syrah
  • 2 small barrels of Rose
  • 1 more barrel of CA Red Blend

What gets me excited is that she’ll come home with little bottles of each – and we’ll get to do “at home blending trials” to determine the perfect of wine blending for our great wine.  Pictured is our last blending trial – this is were the Rose the Riverter and Cal Red Blend came from!!!  We invited some friends over (as we will this time)…and Pam turns into Julia Childs working to find the PERFECT blending of just the right amount of flavors to return to Napa – blend – and then bottle our next releases!  So the thinking through of what kinds of bottles to use?  Corks or Stelvin closures?  What color capsules?  Or should we wax dip each bottle?  What will the 2014 labels look like?  How will we tell the ever-expanding story of our wines?

All this – while we get a website up – patiently wait for our Bond from the TTB so that we can start tasting out of our new tasting room in the warehouse district in Woodinville, WA……and try to sell our existing bottled goodness!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us out so far and who has purchased and enjoyed our wine.  This website is ALMOST working to purchase wine through it (have to figure out the shipping cost piece).  Keep coming back.  We hope to post “What’s going on at the Winery” blog posts each week!


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